Our mission: "SPORT-Figielski designs and executes the most comprehensive personalized teaching and sport performance programs to meet the needs of each client."

SPORT-Figielski is full service aquatic club fulfilling all your swimming needs. Whether you need a swim instructor, a lifeguard, or a personal swim coach, we can help. We teach swimming lessons for all abilities and ages. You can learn to swim, or get a personal coach. We also offer lifeguard services for any occasion. We have licensed swim coach and swim instructors available for you at any time.

We also specialize in competitive instruction for athletes ranging in age from the age group level (children) through Masters, (adults). We stress proper technique instruction for competitive athletes in order to give swimmers the personal and supplemental attention they may not receive at their swimming program.

The founder and the president of our club, Grzegorz Figielski, M.Sc., has been giving swim lessons and coaching for over 10 years. His coaching experience includes schools, masters swim club and lifesaving junior, open and masters teams.

Videotaping and evaluation is available for an extra fee for students to take home for review. A customized, edited DVD can be produced for you and your stroke for an extra fee. Personal technique profiles and custom drill charts are also some of the services we provide. We will also customize workout libraries for swimmers. Although we specialize in competitive lessons, we teach all ages and experience levels.

We mainly operate at three indoor swimming pools:  at ul. Rokosowska 10, at ul. Kasprzaka 1/3,  at ul. Esperanto 5, and at ul. Księcia Trojdena 2C


Payment in cash before each lesson at a swimming pool directly to the coach. Listed price includes 1 lesson with swimming coach, entrance fee for the coach and insurance.

NOTE! Price for the lesson DOES NOT include the entrance fee for the student. Therefore, you have to buy a ticket for yourself or for your child. Information about tickets (in Polish): Swimming pool at ul. RokosowskaSwimming pool at ul. KasprzakaSwimming pool at ul. Esperanto and  Swimming pool at ul. Trojdena.

NOTE! 24 hours before reserved classes you should confirm that you are going to come or you may resign. If I do not receive your confirmation, I have the right to propose this lesson to another student. Resignation from previously reserved classes 24 hours in advance is free of charge. If you confirm your participation, you have to pay for the class, even if you cannot come.  

NOTE! The lessons begin punctually at the agreed time, in water, which means that the student has to be ready to get into the water at this time. 


Please contact us if you have any questions about our services. As you know, providing top notch personal service is our top priority. We can develop a program for any individual, team, school, or company. We will accommodate any special requests for services on a personal basis as well. Do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text us at 794 38 88 42 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Check availability of the coach at OUR SCHEDULE

See yourself, how you can swimm after a few personal lessons with Grzegorz Figielski, if you start learning from a very beginning. Also see, how your child can swim at the beginning of learning process.
See our swim lessons for adults and for children in our photo gallery.